Mission Statement

American Association for Cancer Support, Inc. is a dedicated cancer relief non-profit organization. The organization operates as a charitable and educational organization within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; to assist cancer patients regardless of their age or type of cancer through assistance fund or commodities;  to advocate healthy eating and provide educational initiatives for cancer awareness prevention;  to provide grants for cancer research to selected organizations;  to provide distribution of products and supplies program for cancer patients domestically and internationally; and to distribute a crisis relief fund in emergency situations in the United States and foreign states. American Association for Cancer Support organized under the General Corporation Law of Delaware and authorized to engage in other charitable and educational activities.

President Message

Hello and thank you for relieving the financial burdens of cancer patients through your generous donations of supplies and funds. Your involvement is the first step towards relief for the patients who absolutely cannot wait until the cure is found.

Cancer continues to be that hated enemy that so many have had to face. It is a fierce predator that claims numerous lives. The good news is that due to early detection, increasingly proficient medical treatments, and new cures, the diagnosis of cancer and mortality rates are continuing to decline each year.

However, the reality for millions who live with this disease today is that they are often in dire need of financial help in order to overcome their immense struggles.

The bond between Donor and Charity can be an actual lifeline of HOPE and HEALING to cancer patients. Let’s help cancer patients focus on healing, on hoping and on living.

Together, we are helping to relieve the burden of cancer patients!

To God be the Glory!

President -American Association for Cancer Support, Inc.


Organization Structures

The organization consists of two departments: Support Service Department and Administrative Department. Support Service Department American Association for Cancer Support, Inc. is an organization that provides financial assistance or products to support the cancer patients and their families. It is clear that individuals and their families that are facing cancer deal with a multitude of issues, including the expenses involved in obtaining medical care to combat the disease and the emotional issues for the individual and their families in dealing with the disease.  The increasingly rising health care costs and costs associated with cancer medications are making these struggles more difficult.  American Association for Cancer Support, Inc. strives to provide some relief to these individuals and families by providing them with products including, but is not necessarily to basic everyday needs such as toiletries, life-sustaining necessities, cancer medications, and other items that will help alleviate the individual’s and families’ struggles during this difficult period. Administrative Department The administrative department oversees the organization’s educational program. In addition to the activities described above, the Administrative Department will be the arm of the organization that advocates healthy eating and provides educational initiatives for cancer awareness prevention. This will be accomplished by advising people to live well, eat healthy, and exercise.  More specifically, the organization provides articles or publications provided by oncologists, professors, nutritionists, trainers, and other individuals. The organization’s hope is to provide information to the public free of charge on its website, through the distribution of written articles as well as through other materials on how to eat well, identify symptoms of cancer, information about exercise programs, and many other materials describing issues related to cancer and the prevention of the disease.

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