American Association for Cancer support is assisting individuals domestically and also in the international communities regarding cancer education activity and support for patients.   It is our goal to work diligently to engage in global level as a proud member organization of Union for  International Cancer Control.



Talking about cancer challenges negative beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate myths about cancer, cause fear and stigma and prevent people from seeking early detection and treatment.

Governments, communities, employers and media all have a role to play to challenge perceptions about cancer to create a culture where people are empowered to access quality cancer prevention and care.

” Due to a lack of knowledge, when they hear the word ‘cancer’ they get scare, some hide it and some use traditional medicine until it become too late for treatment”

*World cancer day myth 1 ‘ don’t talk about cancer’


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 TH 2557 Free Cancer Education

March 29, 2014 Khiensa Hospital, Thailand

Project objective: To initiate primary prevention of cancer and free breast cancer detection for a small local community ” Khiensa”

Keys local collaboration group: Khiensa Hospital, Dr. Pichit Suksabye, Mr. Vorawut Polwichai

To learn more about our project call us at 865 240 3116 or email 












Pictures from the breast cancer detection and educational event

What a great success!


Thank you all volunteers, US. Embassy Bangkok Office, Khieansa Hospital nurses and doctors, Khieansa mayor, and sheriff.

















Some of the activity participants taking picture with us during the time they are waiting for the breast cancer exam with Dr Suksabye
















Speech from Nikki Mahoney- a volunteer from US embassy Bangkok Office
















Translators: Jula Connatser/  Dr. Pichit Suk Sabye/ Voravut Polwichai/















Today we’re going to change the way we think about our health!

If I asked you where you lived, what would you say?  Thailand?  Surat Thani?  I could say that my home is where I’m from, California, the U.S..  Or I could say Thailand because that’s where I’m living now.

But the truth, the reality, is that our only real, permanent home from the moment we were born until the last days of our lives, is right here with us in this room today, with all of us…and that is our bodies.  Your body is where you truly live.

And as women, we must strive to keep ourselves strong and unbreakable.

This picture—not me—says it perfectly:  “Take care of your body.  It is the only place you live in.”  What I want today is for you to not only learn the extreme importance of health and how it can be a preventative measure against diseases such as cancer, but to also leave here excited and happy about how you’ll feel living a healthy lifestyle!

I’d like for us to take our first step together toward a healthier and happier you.  So if we could all stand up and let’s do a few short stretches just to refresh our minds and get some blood flowing through our bodies!  (2 mins stretching)

Thank you for doing that with me, and thank you for allowing some girl from America, where we’re known to order the jumbo-sized fries and drink more soft drinks than we do water, to come in here and talk to you about diet, exercise, and nutrition.

But I’m thrilled to be speaking on such an important topic such as cancer because even though it can be a scary subject, if we learn about how exercising and healthy diets can prevent illness, it’s not so scary, because then we have control of our bodies—control of our futures.

I’d like to share a story with you about a 73-year-old man who taught me about diet and exercise on a train ride from Russia to Poland…

I had been traveling through Europe for three weeks, but so had the old man.  I was worn out, tired, sick, and curled up in a ball looking out the train window when I saw the 73-year-old man—who’d been on the same journey as me, same cities, same countries, same itinerary—and I watched him get up in the middle of the aisle, between seats, while the train was moving and bouncing around…and do you know what he did?  Here I was, in my 20’s and exhausted, and this man got in the middle of the moving train and did push-ups!

That 73-year-old man is now 81, and because of his commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle, I can gratefully say that I still have a fully-functioning, funny, and very mentally sharp father.

Before growing old—although to him that’s just a number—my dad led an exciting life.  He traveled the world, was friends and in Hollywood movies with Elvis Prestley, and had his own promising career as an actor.

But when he was 27 something happened…

Right in the midst of being on Broadway shows in NYC and in movies with the biggest stars of those days, my dad woke up one morning with a half-paralyzed face.  His dimples were gone, his smile was crooked, and his face on one side drooped downward.

Bell’s palsy—that’s the medical term for it, and he never fully regained complete function of his face again.  Even though he was always into exercise and fitness, from that moment on he was convinced that through a lifestyle committed to health, something like that would never happen again.

Gone was the butter, gone was the salt, sugar, pizzas, cakes.  Anything considered unhealthy he completely eliminated from his life.

It was extremely unfortunate for my dad, but proved to be the foundation upon which I would grow up and not only listen and hear about the benefits of exercise and diet, but I actually got to witness it firsthand.  I believed in it and it empowered me to take charge of me own life and my future’s health and well-being, by leading a healthy lifestyle as well.

Like father like daughter, I opt for exercise and healthier food habits too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sweets just as much as the next girl, especially with all the donut shops around Thailand.  But I don’t want to eat for the moment, for just today.  I want to eat with my future in mind.  I want to make wise food choices that’ll allow me to live into my 80’s and be at the gym six days a week like my dad does, and go on vacations and hike up volcanoes and see the beauty of this world from more places than a couch facing the TV, unable to move around with ease.

As tempting as those deliciously smelling donuts might be, I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying healthy snacks with me in my purse or gym bag.  I wanted to bake a healthy dessert and bring it to share with everyone but my cooking is pretty limited to just the microwave, so for your benefit, and so I didn’t embarrass myself with my lack of cooking skills, I brought some dark chocolate trail mix for everyone to snack on.  (Pass around bags of trail mix)

Just making small, healthy habits into your ordinary routine can change the way your day is going.  You’ll feel better for longer, you’ll be in a better mood, have more energy, and besides, who doesn’t like dark chocolate?!

But diet alone only does so much, and exercise is extremely important.  I try to exercise as often as I can, no matter where I am or where I go because even small amounts of exercise are very beneficial to your health.  I’ve brought another favorite thing with me today in my purse that shows how simple and easy a workout can be.  (Bring out jump rope)

Exercise doesn’t always have to be by yourself, however, or be boring.  You can do many fun activities with friends and family…like dancing.  (Play music and dance for 2 mins)

Before I close are there any questions?

I started by asking you a question, Where do you live?, and I want to end by asking another question…

If there were a fire burning in your home, would you allow it to burn from room to room until your house was reduced to ashes?  Or if aliens were trying to break into your home, would you open the door and invite them in for coffee?

So if you won’t sit back and watch a fire burn down your family’s home, and if you won’t ever let aliens come inside and sleep in your bed with you, shouldn’t we be just as adamant about our bodies—our personal homes?  And use diet and exercise to prevent and fight back illnesses?

This is my body.  This is the only place I have to truly live in, and I don’t want a fire burning inside my body that will eventually leave nothing left of me by my ashes.


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